TRMN First Fleet

First Fleet Crest

Welcome to The Royal Manticoran Navy's First Fleet! The mission of First (Home) Fleet is to defend Manticore. The primary unit in First Fleet is Battlecruiser Squadron 11 (BatCruRon 11), which consists of Battlecruiser Division 111 (BatCruDiv 111) [HMS Hector (BC-548) in Falls Church, Virginia, and HMS Heracles (BC-566) in Edgewood, Maryland] and Battlecruiser Division 112 (BatCruDiv 112) [HMS Penelope (BC-585) in Fishkill, New York;  HMS Rigel (BC-591) in Throop, Pennsylvania; and HMS Snow Leopard (CA-425) in Manchester, Connecticut]. First Fleet also includes GNS Erastus (CL-67) in Laurel, Maryland, and HMSS Greenwich (SS-001) in Cohoes, New York (a holding chapter for Royal Manticoran Navy and Civilian personnel who are not currently assigned to ships). First Fleet's Area of Responsibility is Northern Virgina, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

First Fleet Staff
Commander: Rear Admiral of the Red Sir Michael Paquette, KDE, CR, SC, GS
Deputy Commander: Commodore Zach Perkins, MC, ME, CGM
Bosun: Fleet Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Marge Duff
Flag Captain: Captain (Senior Grade) Christa Brolley, SC, OR, GS, QBM, EM
Staff Operations Officer: Commander Wes Rist
Staff Tactical Officer: Commander Sir Jon Stout, KDE, SC, GS
Staff Astrogation Officer: Commander Leigh Smith
Staff Intelligence Officer: Lieutenant Commander Dan Connelly
Staff Logistics Officer: Lieutenant Commander Barb Dalrymple
Judge Advocate General Ombudsman: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Michael Ciaravella
Senior Legalman: Warrant Officer 1st Class Andrew Sivula, CGM

BCR 11

BatCruRon 11 Staff
Commander: Commodore Sir Ed Wandall, KCE, SC, CBM
Flag Captain: Captain (Junior Grade) Alice Fawcett
Flag Lieutenant: Lieutenant (Senior Grade) Rachel Nevins, QBM

BatCruDiv 111 Staff
Commander: Captain (Senior Grade) Sir James Kratzer, KDE, GS
Flag Captain: Captain (Junior Grade) William Becker

BatCruDiv 112 Staff
Commander: Captain (Senior Grade) Zachariah Fraser, CGM, QBM


HMS Hector (BC-548) Hector Crest HMS Hector
HMS Heracles (BC-566) Heracles Crest BC
HMS Penelope (BC-585)
Penelope Crest BC
HMS Rigel (BC-591) Rigel Crest BC
HMS Snow Leopard (CA-425)
Snow Leopard Crest CA
GNS Erastus (CL-67)
GNS Erastus Crest
HMSS Greenwich (SS-001)
Greenwich Crest
HMS Unconquered (CL-16)


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