HMS Heracles

Heracles Crest

Welcome to HMS Heracles (BC-566), a chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy based in Edgewood, Maryland.

The Royal Manticoran Navy is the Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. David Weber's Honor Harrington novels are like the C. S. Forester novels about Horatio Hornblower, but set in the 41st Century instead of the 19th Century. You can get to them via The first one published can be downloaded for free from here.

HMS Heracles is an Agamemnon class pod-laying battlecruiser and is the flagship of First Fleet's Battlecruiser Division 111. If you'd like to be part of our crew, join TRMN, choose Royal Manticoran Navy or Royal Manticoran Marine Corps as your Branch, and put HMS Heracles as your Chapter. Membership is free. You may contact the Commanding Officer of HMS Heracles by e-mail via if you have any questions or just want to learn more about us or about TRMN.

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