HMS Rigel


John Wagner
Master Chief Master-at-Arms

RMUC (2) SWCB - Enlisted
John Wagner's

October 2015 Master Chief Master-at-Arms, HMS Rigel (BC-591) Master Chief Master-at-Arms MCPO
September 2015 Master Chief Tactical Mate, HMS Rigel (BC-591) Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO
March 2014 Bosun, HMS Rigel (BC-591)
November 2012 Bosun, HMS Leopard (CA-430) Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO
July 2012 Bosun, HMS Artegal (CL-493)
April 2012 Bosun, HMS Bedivere (DD-486) Chief Petty Officer CPO
March 2012 Bosun, HM LAC Zwicky (LAC-003)
February 2012 Recruit, HMSS Greenwich Spacer 3rd Class Spacer 3rd Class

May 2015 Fleet Excellence Award FEA
December 2014 Royal Meritorious Unit Citation (2nd Award)
RMUC (2)
August 2014 Non-Commissioned Officer Senior Course Ribbon NCO Senior Course Ribbon
Prisoner of War Medal Prisoner of War Medal
December 2013 Enlisted Space Warfare Pin SWCB - Enlisted
Royal Meritorious Unit Citation RMUC
March 2012 Space Services Deployment Ribbon Space Services Deployment Ribbon
February 2012 King Roger III Coronation Medal King Roger III Coronation Medal